Shipping and Returns

We know you are looking forward to receiving your piece.

Given the pandemic situation we are going through and the fact that online sales have skyrocketed there may be delays in international deliveries that Filigrana Portuguesa will not be able to control.

After receiving the shipping confirmation (we will send you an email confirming the shipment of your pieces) the estimated times of arrival to the recipient are:

National Shipping (Mainland Portugal)

  •  up to 2 business days (Nacex or CTT) – €3.90
  • free from €100 (except Black Friday Campaign)

Madeira and Azores (CTT) 

  • 6 to 8 business days – €3.90

Intracommunity Shipments  (CTT or UPS)

  • 5 to 10 business days (CTT) - 5€
  • 4 business days (UPS) - €22
  • free from €150 (via CTT)

Extra-Community Shipments (CTT or DHL)

  • up to 20 business days (CTT) – €9.5
  • up to 6 working days (DHL) - €37
  • free from €500 (via DHL)
If no one is at the address you indicated, the carrier will leave a notice or contact you directly on your cell phone. Please make sure you give us the correct number.

    Our carriers guarantee compliance with delivery times by 95%.

    In case of urgency p.f. contact 920018184 or via e-mail:

    Additional information


    Providing an incorrect address may lead to your return, incurring additional costs. Please check your address to make sure there is no mistake (we don't want it to take too long to receive your wonderful piece!). The invoice will accompany all our shipments, being issued after payment of your order.

    Customs Fees

  • European Union
  • Orders placed within the EU are exempt from any customs fee.

  • Outside the European Union
  • When orders are sent outside the EU, or to another country within the EU with special customs regulations, Filigrana Portuguesa does not control these fees and does not have any type of control from the moment it is received by the authorities in the country of destiny. The customer should contact local customs for more information.

    Filigrana Portuguesa does not assume any responsibility in this process, however any clarification that may be needed we are fully available to help resolve it.


    Received your piece and didn't like it? Did you expect another kind of play? Talk to us.

    ATTENTION: We do not return made-to-order items (custom items or gold items that are not in stock)

    We are happy to refund any product purchased as long as it meets the following criteria:


    We do not return custom parts;

    Return the product in perfect condition (as sold) in its original packaging and with the associated invoice;

    Return the product 45 days after receiving it.


    The address must be as follows:

    Seixas Garcês Lda

    Appoint 1033

    4446-909 Ermesinde

    We will not be responsible for items lost in the mail, we recommend that you use a service that contains insurance.

    Return Costs

    If the products have any kind of defect we will assume all costs. If the return is not for this reason, the shipping cost will be deducted from the amount paid for the piece.

    Return Process

    The return process will only start after we receive your products.When the products arrive in our hands we will notify you by email and we will start the process as soon as possible Please note that it may take up to 15 working days to process your money depending on the payment mechanism with which you made the payment. purchase.