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  • All items in this GOLD menu are produced exclusively in 19-carat gold (Portuguese gold).

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  • necklaces

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  • Questions/Complaints

    How long will I have to wait for my order?

    We have all parts in stock. Take a look here according to the address of Shippinghttps://www. portuguese filigree. en/pages/Shipping_returns

    How will I know if my order has been shipped?

    We always like to keep our customers informed. When the part is shipped we will send you a confirmation email or sms from the respective Shipping.

    I have an emergency. What can I do?

    Talk to us! Don't wait any longer! Click here.

    My address is outside Europe. Will I have to pay customs duties?

    Depending on the value of your order, you may have to pay customs fees.  Filigrana Portuguesa is not responsible for the payment of customs fees or any other expenses related to orders sent outside Europe.

    Can I exchange my parts?

    Of course! Nor would we be correct if it were not possible to do so. Didn't it work for you? Did you expect a different piece? Contact us here. We like to know what we can do to improve.

    We will refund your money in full if you return the item to us 45 days after receiving it. This must be sent to us in the same conditions in which you received it (immaculate!). The costs of Shipping will not be returned to you.

    How can I make a complaint?

    We are very sad that you want to follow this path but we always want to improve our service. Seixas Garces Lda has an Electronic Complaints Book. Our RAL entity (Consumer Arbitration Court) is the Consumer Information and Arbitration Center of Porto https://www. cicap. en/.

    You can access it through this address: https://www. book complaints. pt/inicio or by clicking on the following image:

    Can I return my parts? How?

    Of course! Although we are sorry that we did not live up to your expectations! We will refund the entire value of the parts if you meet the following conditions:

  • Return the item in perfect condition (immaculate!) in its original packaging and accompanied by the respective commercial invoice
  • Return the item 45 days after purchasing it
  • Accompany the product with a written reason (you can simply say "It wasn't what I expected!") for which you are returning it
  • The address where you should send your parts:

    Seixas Garcês Lda

    PO Box 1033

    4446-909 Ermesinde

    We will notify you when we receive the parts.

    ATTENTION: We do not refund custom-made pieces (custom pieces or gold pieces that are not in stock)

    Materials and Care

    How can I be sure I'm buying gold items or Silver?

    All items in Silver or gold will be marked 925, 375 or 800 on the respective contrast (applied by a exempt entity such as Contrastaria do Porto) which guarantees the authenticity of the pieces. In addition to this brand, there will always be another brand, designated as a responsibility brand, belonging to the manufacturer.

    Where are parts designed and produced?

    All our pieces are designed and produced in Portugal.

    What does it mean to be bathed in gold?

    In Portugal there has always been a tradition of gold. With the arrival of less favorable economic times, people ended up buying less gold and joining Gold Plated.

    Your pieces will be covered with a very thin layer of gold through an electrolytic process in which microscopic gold particles adhere to your piece, giving it a golden finish.

    What does it mean to be rhodium plated? What is it for?

    Silver undergoes a natural oxidation process over time, tending to become darker. Through a rhodium bath (also a precious metal) the piece will be more protected, preventing oxidation from being so fast. Your pieces will be covered with a very thin layer of rhodium through an electrolytic process in which microscopic rhodium particles adhere to your piece, giving it a silver finish.

    What is the difference between 9 karat gold and 19 karat gold?

    9 karat gold has a lower purity than 19 karat gold. In the case of the first, in every 1000 parts of metal there are 375 that are pure gold, contrary to what happens in 19-karat gold, which in every 1000 parts 800 are pure gold. Due to this difference, the durability of 9 karat gold pieces is quite different from 19 karat gold.

    What care should I take with my pieces?

    Silver is a precious metal sensitive to moisture, heat, chemicals, cosmetics, atmospheric pollution, among others. Changing the color of the piece does not mean a change in its quality.

    Please follow the instructions below to keep your parts as good as new:

  • Store your pieces individually, it may be in the packaging they were sent in, thus reducing the risk of damaging them;
  • NO should you apply cleaning liquids to your pieces since all of them will already be bathed (gold or rhodium);
  • If you want to give your pieces a new bath, we will do it for free
  • I lost a filigree earring. Can you make one like it?

    Yes! Even if it wasn't in our store, we'll be happy to help. Contact us at (+351) 920018184.

    Payments and Prices

    What are the authorized payment methods?

    The payment methods are:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards (Via Paypal or Stripe)
  • ATM References
  • Collection (paid to the carrier or postman only when you receive the package)
  • When will the money come out of my Bead?

    As soon as you make the payment, the money will automatically come out of your Bead.

    I am undecided. Is it safe to pay online?

    In hundreds of orders we have never had any problems. Our store has an SSL Certificate which means that all your data is encrypted and protected. We do not (and never will) have access to your credit cards, Bead bank or Bead Paypal.


    Do your products have a guarantee?

    Yes! One of the most important issues for us is to provide good after-sales service.

    At first sight they may seem fragile products but they are robust pieces that, with due care, will remain perfect for a long period of time.

  • 1 year warranty for production defects
  • We offer for 2 years (from the date of purchase of the part) the maintenance of your part, covering galvanizing services (baths)

    Excluded from the guarantee are malfunctions resulting from falls, improper use, accidents of any kind and Beadto chemical agents that may cause damage to the materials of your piece. If it is impossible to repair the part within the warranty conditions, another equal or similar one of the same value will be provided without any increase.