The story

The place is Portugal. A country by the sea planted with incalculable beauty, with an extraordinary people (to say the least!). It was the twilight of the glorious Age of Discoveries in the 15th century, when our navigators achieved incomparable and unprecedented feats. At that time, the Portuguese crown brought precious stones and metals from its overseas provinces. It was then that our ancestors began to work gold and silver. This was the awakening of filigree.

The dawn of filigree...

Our history is the universal history of Portuguese filigree artisans. It starts with a goldsmith of your grace Francisco. A tall, broad-shouldered man with few smiles, but incredibly hardworking. He spent hours and hours in his modest workshop trying to reproduce in filigree what he saw around him: nature, love, religion. From his hands came pieces of incredible delicacy and beauty. He was madly in love with his wife, Maria, and was inspired by her to create some of her works. Maria meticulously filled in the pieces, thread by thread, as he made the skeleton, and so they spent the better part of the seven days of the week together—their lives and work were in perfect harmony.

One day Francisco was hospitalized due to a serious pulmonary complication. Knowing that he had little time to live, he called Maria and begged her: “Don't let art die. Tradition must endure” Maria agreed. The love that united them was so strong that a few months later Maria also died… but not before persuading her children to make the same promise to her. She fulfilled the promise she had made to Francisco at the end of her life. More than that, she honored the promise she had made to him at the beginning—the wedding vows. Their union lasted until death and their rings—the most precious fruits of their labor—were testimonies of that union.

Francis and Maria represent the universal ancestors of filigree. They are how we imagine the great-great-grandparents of filigree: revolutionary, persistent, enigmatic. Although jewelery has grown stylistically and changed with the times, the craftsmanship persists. The art continues. And it will continue.


We believe in a world where happiness reigns. Genuine happiness, no filters. Filigree is Joy, yes, it's true! Go to Feiras Novas in Ponte de Lima and you will be able to feel the joy of those who dance until dawn, carrying in their chest the biggest heart of gold that they have kept under lock and key in their safe and that already belonged to their dear grandmother. On that day, the heart goes out into the street, as vain as it is.

Our greatest Mission is to sow this joy in your heart.


Luísa Seixas Garcês