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  • All items in this GOLD menu are produced exclusively in 19-carat gold (Portuguese gold).

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  • necklaces

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    • It reminds us of our grandmothers and the eternal hearts of Viana. "In classical antiquity, the heart represented the center of life, solidarity, fraternity and love, these being the most salient features in the lives of the saints, which is why they were represented with their hearts outside their chests. These hearts underlined the warmth of love with the flames that sprouted from the upper part, this part being a stylization of those same flames, which is why they are called flaming or double hearts. They appeared in Portugal with the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and hence the people liked to use it chest as a sacred symbol, with more simplified forms."
      Source: Manuel Rodrigues Freitas

    • This piece is available in Silver 925 sterling silver, 9 and 19 karat gold. All our items are marked at Contrastaria do Porto, which guarantees the absolute quality of the materials used.

      • Weight Silver/Gold: 3.5/5.5g
      • Height: 4cm
      • Width: 2.5cm
    • We ship worldwide from Portugal. For more information, access Shipping and Returns.

      Gold pieces are usually made to order and take a maximum of 10-15 business days to produce.