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Viana Bead Necklace (10mm)

+11.000 clientes felizes, envios rápidos
  • The current Viana beads - hollow, and which in the past were still much lighter - are direct descendants of the Greek, Phoenician, Roman and Etruscan ones, the latter being the ones that most resemble those of today. The granulation or dusting and the surrounding filigree were nothing more than a mere adornment, as what always prevailed was its spherical and rounded shape. The bead necklace was purchased by Viana's wife before the much-desired cord. It was often bought on an account-by-account basis at the expense of these young women's little savings, which usually came from selling eggs or selling chickens.

  • This piece is made of 925 sterling silver, 9 and 19 carat gold.. All our items are marked at Contrastaria do Porto, which guarantees the absolute quality of the materials used.

    • Silver/Gold Weight: 18/26g
    • Length: 45cm (but we can make it with any length you want)
    • Viana beads with 10mm in diameter
  • We ship worldwide from Portugal. For more information, go to Shipping and Returns.

    Gold pieces are usually made to order and take a maximum of 10-15 working days to produce.