Lisbon Portuguese guitar with filigree top

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  • "When a guitar trills, in the hands of a good player, the guitar itself teaches anyone to sing" - already said Teresa Salgueiro. We apply a filigree brass plate and work it with the greatest skill, thread by thread, for hours and hours and hours. We strongly believe that the result could not have been more spectacular, the guitar trills even better.

    Ilhargas and Back: Sapelli

    Strings: Steel and nylon, Tuning - (1st) bb, aa, EE, Bb, Aa, Dd - with loop - Shooting rope 440 mm

    Finish: Glossy

    The filigree top is made of brass and plated in 19K gold.

  • This piece is available in 925 sterling silver, 9 and 19 carat gold. All our articles are marked in the Contrastaria do Porto, which guarantees the absolute quality of the materials used.

    • Height: 80cm
    • Width: 40cm
  • We ship from Portugal to all over the world. For more information, access Shipping and Returns.

    Gold pieces are usually made to order and take a maximum of 10-15 working days to produce.